As CBD (Cannabidiol) continues to grow in popularity the variety of different ways in which it is manufactured and consumed is growing. One of the newer ways is via CBD Isolate a highly concentrated pure form of CBD. But what is it exactly and is it right for me over other CBD products?

CBD Isolate Explained

CBD is extracted from one of two sources, either hemp plants or from cannabis plants directly. CBD isolate is a refined form of CBD that contains only CBD A (it contains no THC whatsoever, the psychoactive component in Marijuana), nor any of the other varieties in which CBD can be extracted. It is highly refined and through the refinement process all of the other aspects of the plant such as chlorophyll, oils, waxes, resin, THC and plant matter are completely removed. This is why it is so pure and so potent, everything except for CBD A has been discarded.

Isolate Extraction Process

This process is a bit more complicated than traditional CBD refinement as it produces a more pure compound and therefore must undergo a few additional refinement steps. In the beginning it starts out just like any other CBD extraction process. So, CBD is extracted yet it still contains all of the other plant components mentioned above. It then undergoes a purification process that follows the initial extraction stage. Typically this is done with filtration mechanisms that separate the CBD A from the other components and other CBD varietals. Either through centrifuge, heating, or micron-filters that separate the particles. After the oil is extracted it must then be turned into an even more pure form and that process is known as “winterization”. This eliminates any remaining plant matter or resin at the same time cooling and crystallizing the CBD into a very pure 99%+ powder. There is no THC whatsoever as it has been removed via the extraction and filtration process.

How Does Someone Consume CBD Isolate?

Because isolate is a completely tasteless and odorless powder, it can be used in a wide range of ways. The most common is through adding small amounts to things like smoothies or yogurt but there are loads of other ways in which it can be ingested. Many people actually take it sub-lingually by placing a set amount under their tongue so that the CBD isolate goes into the blood stream directly through the tongue, mouth, and in turn stomach as well. Usually a duration of 60 seconds will do the trick delivering the Cannabidiol isolate directly into the blood stream through the various mucus membranes within the mouth. This is a faster way to ingest CBD isolate than through traditional eating or drinking.

Other ways to take it include: mixing in smoothies, adding to tea or coffee, adding it to sugar solution to be used in drinks or cooking.

CBD Isolate Purity

Remember that the isolate is incredibly pure at 99% or higher. This means that there is a lot of CBD and measurements should be taken before ingesting, do not just eyeball it. There is nearly 1000mg of CBD in a single gram so know what your dose is ahead of time. You may wish to employ a micro-scale (a scale that can measure hundredths of grams) to be the most accurate when dosing. Once you have established how much CBD you take in any one dose, you will know how long a single gram of isolate will last. For most users, a single gram of isolate can last several weeks.

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