We’re back again trying to help educate people about all things Cannabidiol (CBD). If you’ve seen CBD around you will have noticed there are so many different types of products available. From oils, tinctures, creams, powders, and edibles (to name a few). But the way in which you consume CBD does little to tell us about the different types of CBD itself. Here we’ll look at all the different types of CBD, the actual compound itself, not how it is ingested.

CBD Isolate

Many different products yous see on the shelves and online contain CBD isolate. It is a purified form of the CBD molecule which looks like a white powder and is tasteless and odorless. It contains no other branch of Cannabinoid molecule like THC or CBN so its neither broad spectrum or full spectrum. It is refined CBD and nothing more with potency’s typically around 99.9%.

Hemp Seed Oil

This is oil that is cold pressed directly from hemp seeds themselves, not stems or leaves. It actually contains no CBD or any other branch of cannabinoid compounds. Its typically used in cooking and other remedies.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

This is a compound that contains not only CBD, but all of the other components in the cannabis plant. That means the other phytocannabinoids contained within the plant however there is zero THC. This is widely used as it has no THC and contains CBD plus the other cannabinoid compounds of the plant.

Full-Spectrum CBD

This is CBD that is extracted only from actual cannabis plants. You cannot get full-spectrum from hemp plants as the THC content is so negligible. So, full spectrum contains CBD, THC, CBN, CBC, CBG, and THCA. It is unadulterated in that it contains every aspect of the plant.

Nano CBD

This is a form of CBD where the actual compounds are broken down and refined into very small granules. Typically these granules are less than 100nm and developed into a water soluble form or in a water based solution. These are the best forms of CBD for creams and skin oils as the small nature of the CBD particles allows them to easily pass through the skin. For oral ingestion you don’t really need particles this small, the skin on the other hand does benefit from small nano CBD particles, hence the nae.

So as we can see there is a wide range of different CBD types and ways to ingest to consider for yourself. Depending on what sort of thing you’re going for with CBD, it will make a difference in the type of CBD you buy and consume. Just be careful not to use a product that is unclear regarding the type of CBD, and only use creams that have the best Nano CBD for the best results. For the Best CBD Products In Canada do some research and you’ll be happy with the quality and results you see.

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