Shalom Inflorescence Nightingale,

I don’t want to get stoned. How can I avoid it?

– Gary Weisman

That’s really biblical Gar. What have you done? Feeling trepidation?

In a country where people apologize every second sentence, you’ll be ok. That’s just now how Canadians roll.

South of the border, they roll stones, but that’s to play some bad ass music.
Get yourself some full spectrumCBD and you might be feeling calmer in just a few weeks. If it can help Swiss mice face wild constrictors, I can’t imagine you’re facing anything so monumental. So, you’ll be okay!

Did you happen to eat the container of brownies in your Gran’s freezer? Did you feel like dying 90 minutes later? You my friend, ate pot brownies. They were likely high, (excuse the pun, but everyone makes stupid pot jokes), in THC. Pure or high amounts of THC sends people to emergency asking for death to end the misery. Lucky for you, if Gran makes high CBD/low THC brownies, life may look a little brighter.

It may be the next anti-depressant Gar. Early pre-clinical animal studies show promise. CBD may interact with your serotonin receptors. Remember how anti-depressants work? They block the uptake of serotonin, a key neurotransmitter helping you to feel better. CBD may indirectly enhance the body’s natural endocannabinoid system’s molecule of bliss, anandamide. I’m all for bliss Gar.

Just look at this quote Gar, it’s a thing of beauty. “Acute anxiolytic and antidepressant-like effects seem to rely mainly on facilitation of 5-HT1A-mediated neurotransmission in key brain areas related to defensive responses.”

If you’re nauseous or vomiting because you married the girl you met last night at the bar, CBD may help with that too. Not with the fact you got married, but with the nausea. It may come in handy with the anxiety you experience with divorce next week.
And to help extinguish those memories later, CBD may help with that as well.

Well Gar, not all THC products cause impairment. It’s all in the ratios. With enough CBD onboard your ship sails peacefully, just make sure those THC doses are very small.

And stop with the Shalom Gar. Your last name’s German.

Photo: @Rawpixel

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