It’s common to see articles on CBD isolates, Full-Spectrum CBD, THC and terpenes to deliver the elusive “entourage effect” there are any more molecules in cannabis that exist but aren’t as prominent.

Let’s brief you on a couple of them, and in future posts we’ll explore the wide world of more obscure cannabinoids.


With the current hype around CBD, new research has shown that CBG may in fact be much more effective for inflammation, pain management and topical skin treatments. A side effect of its potent anti-inflammatory properties might also indicate that CBG can support those with neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.


THCV is one of the hardest cannabinoids to extract and in many ways counteracts the effects of THC. Where THC may induce anxiety, paranoia and confusion, THCV is shown to block anxiety, paranoia and gives clarity. In ways, it acts as a counterbalance to THC psychotropic nature. 

It also reportedly regulates blood sugar, which may support diabetics, supports our immune systems, suppresses appetite, promotes bone growth and recovery.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is the best solution — for now

Until newer extraction techniques get refined, the best way to benefit from these other cannabinoids is make sure you source Full-Spectrum CBD which will include CBD, CBDV, CBG and THCV. 

With so many isolate CBD products on the market, we believe it’s important to spread the word about the entourage effect and further explore the other cannabinoids. CBD isolates aren’t terrible, but only one act of a multi-act play.

Photo: Sam Doucette

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